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As well as receiving expert treatment from a sports therapist you will also be entitled to professional advice to aid in future prevention of sports injuries.

Providing you with a highly effective sport injury rehabilitation service that you're comfortable with is what we aim for.

Our bodies go through a range of different motions daily, both with sport and without. It is the various different sporting activities that our bodies undergo the most duress due to heightened physical activity.


The initial stage of your recovery process will always start with the understanding of your injury, through the different assessments that are available.


No matter the sporting injury, whether you have come to see us due to football related injuries, tennis injuries or another sport in Inverness, we can help.

Are you suffering from a Sports Injury?

  • We understand the nature of sports injuries and know exactly how to deal with them

  • Our sports therapists will help you get rehabilitated through musculoskeletal management

  • Our staff are fully knowledgeable on a range of treatments

  • Honest advice.

  • Reliable treatments aimed to move you swiftly through   the road of recovery.

What our sports therapy offers you

Carrying a sports injury? Let Carol Chinnick Physiotherapist take care of you...

With over 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist and specialising in sports injury rehabilitation I can help you no matter what your injury.

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