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No matter the injury type, whether sports related or not, our treatments can help you.

I always take care to fully understand your injury through the use of various assessment techniques and work hard to get you on the road to recovery and beyond.

Located in a purpose built facility for rehabilitation in Inverness, and with individual treatment rooms, you are guaranteed to have everything you need under one roof to aid in your treatment and recovery from an expert sports therapist.


Specialising in musculoskeletal therapy you can be assured you are getting the best treatment no matter whether you've picked up an injured ankle playing football, a sprained shoulder at rugby or an elbow injury at tennis, or need therapy for any other reason.

Whether a new or pre-existing injury Carol can help!

   • Spinal Problems

   • Sports Injuries

   • Joint Problems

   • Repetitive Strain Injuries

   • Severe Pain

   • Treatment in Inverness

What can Carol Chinnick Physiotherapist help me with?

A Professional, Chartered Physiotherapist in Inverness

Tailored physiotherapy treatments, it's what Carol Chinnick Physiotherapist specialises in.

Woman having therapy carried out on her shoulder and neck Woman sat on a bed holding her back